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Otoplasty for Children in Australia – FAQ’s

Posted by esteemcosmetic on Oct 11, 2013

A recent poll conducted by reported that 68% of parents in United States would allow their children to have cosmetic surgery if it would help them from being bullied at school. There are various reasons why parents opt for otoplasty surgery for their...

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Aussies Find Cosmetic Surgeries Helpful for Career

Posted by esteemcosmetic on Apr 27, 2013

A lot of Australians are getting cosmetic surgeries such as Botox in order to make themselves appear younger. It was a way for them to get an edge over younger co-workers. The workforce today is highly competitive and may not be as friendly to those who are older. Age...

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How Safe are Secondary Face Lifts?

Posted by esteemcosmetic on Apr 24, 2013

Studies have proven that the results of face lift surgery can last for almost a decade. This can be attributed to the improvements in techniques and technology to achieve the best results. However, according to an article in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,...

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What can make your Breast look unnatural after surgery?

Posted by esteemcosmetic on Apr 18, 2013

When it comes to breast augmentation the major concern is when the result doesn’t look natural. This defeats the purpose of enhancing the breast, when all it does is attracting negative attention. If you want to avoid getting breast implant results that look...

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Are You a Breast Lift Candidate?

Posted by esteemcosmetic on Mar 31, 2013

Breast implants are often the rave whenever a woman feels that she needs enhancement on her bust area. But implants aren’t always the answer to improve how your breasts look. In some cases, you may simply need a breast lift surgery. This is also another option...

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The Myths and Facts on Ear Pinning Surgery

Posted by esteemcosmetic on Mar 18, 2013

Ear pinning surgery is a procedure where cartilage from one area of the body is removed to repair the ear. It is one of the common surgical processes that are done both for the purpose of improving aesthetic appearance or ear function. Here are certain myths about ear...

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