breast augmentation

Deciding to have a breast augmentation procedure is not an easy choice that you should make on a whim. As much as it provides a high success rate, it also has its limitations – something potential patients should also consider.

Breast augmentation cannot:

  • Stimulate breast tissue to increase in size.
  • Create young skin or eliminate stretch marks.
  • Eliminate severe sagging. If severe sagging exists, a lift as well as implants may be needed.
  • Eliminate asymmetry in breast shape, position, rib cage irregularities, nipple/areola size and/or position. Everyone has asymmetry – some more than others. No one is perfect, and what you had before, you will continue to have (only bigger and quite possibly, more noticeable).
  • Solve personal problems – it will not get you a partner or help you keep a partner.
  • Guarantee increased confidence or self-esteem.

A patient that has a realistic perception of the procedure has a good grasp of the situation. It means that she shouldn’t come in trying to push the bar and consequently increasing the risk. Every step should be taken with caution and discernment because this is no minor procedure. Aside from being risky, it can be costly, too, especially when you make careless mistakes simply because your expectations were not realistic.

It is also for this reason that you must take the time to look for a good surgeon. Having someone who has the expertise and conscience to be honest with you will help you understand what a breast augmentation is able to do, and to what extent it can help you.

In order to avoid setting yourself up for disappointment, be sure that you do your homework. Read and educate yourself so that you are also aware of what to expect even before you come in for a consultation.

Breast augmentation is not the end-all and be-all in breast enhancement. There are other surgical procedures that can appropriately address problems such as a breast lift or a nipple and areola correction.

We don’t sugarcoat; rather, we tell you what you need to know to make an informed decision. Book your appointment now and talk to the experts at Esteem Cosmetic Studio.


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