One of the questions many people have about breast augmentation is ‘what is the right size for me’? This is not an easy question to answer. As you’ll discover from our Q&A session with Esteem’s highly experienced Dr Van, determining the ideal size is about more than just a letter or a number, and needs to be discussed in depth with your Cosmetic Surgeon. Let’s find out more about the process involved in finding the right size for you.

Q: Do patients regularly ask you ‘what is the right size for me’?
A: Patients don’t really know. We have to go through a process to frame it for them so they understand what the right size is.

Q: How do you professionally guide your patients towards determining the right size for them?

Sizing is actually an interactive process.

A: Sizing is actually an interactive process. It’s the opposite of what people think. It’s definitely not “you come in, pick a size, I put it on there” and it’s definitely not “I will tell you what will work”. It’s somewhere in the middle. We’re working together.

We do what we can to work out a size but ultimately, it’s the patient’s choice. We’ll tell you what will fit, we’ll tell you what to look at, but you’re going to have to decide what you like.

Q: What determines someone’s ideal size?
A: People often talk about size when they really should be thinking about features. The right size isn’t a letter or a number. Rather, it’s features that you like. You’ve got to consider your personality and your lifestyle.

You also have to live with the size. If you have a really active lifestyle, big breasts may interfere. If you’re lifting weights, or are a competitive athlete, it’s not really the best time to be getting breast implants because big breasts will get in the way of your activity.

Q: What steps can one take in order to work out a patient’s ideal size?
A: You’ve got to get past the catalogue. Looking at pictures on the internet is really just window shopping. Once you try it on, you’re going to see if it’s going to fit you or not. How it fits on you is going to be different to how it fits someone else.

Q: What are the risks of getting the size wrong?
A: The cost of a breast augmentation, $6,000-6,500, is about what you’d spend on your wedding dress. There’s a difference, though. A wedding dress is something that is a one-off cost and you’ll likely only wear once. Whereas breast augmentation is something you have to live with for the next ten years or longer – or for the rest of your life.

Having surgery is not like buying a dress.

With surgery you’re making permanent changes to your body. If the sizing’s wrong you’ll need to have further surgery at an additional cost. Having surgery is not like buying a dress. The number one thing you’ve got to remember is that if you’re not happy with the size, you’re going to need more surgery and you can’t just take it back for a refund or a credit. 

The decision to have surgery is a big one, and determining the breast size that you want is part of the process. Book a consultation with one of our cosmetic surgeons to get started on this exciting journey.


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