Breast augmentation is an elective procedure. It has its limitations, and it is essential that you are well-educated about the entire process and procedure so that you can make an informed decision.

Please remember that what is right for others (including their opinions) may not be right for you! This is why we stress the importance of a personal consultation so that each patient can be properly and extensively evaluated. Each patient has her own wants, body type, and health status, which is why individualized treatment is necessary.

To help you think things through, here are important questions to consider:

Who are you doing it for?

The decision to undergo breast augmentation must be based on your feelings, and it must be for you – not for (or because of) anyone else. Who you are doing it for is an important question to ask yourself because it will help you evaluate your true motives for going under the knife. Something this serious and permanent shouldn’t be messed around with. Do it because you want it, not because you want to impress someone or are being pressured into it.

Why are You Doing It?

Enhancing the curve and volume of your breasts doesn’t automatically translate into happiness. It is important that a potential patient holds a realistic view about the procedure and its outcome. Consider it with the benefits and repercussions in mind.

Can I afford it?

Breast implants are among the most popular cosmetic procedures in Australia and the world. However, even if the demands are high, a session doesn’t come cheap – the good sessions, at least. Don’t easily fall for cheap offers or the tempting marketing efforts of dubious practitioners. Should you decide to enhance your breasts, start looking into the services offered only by certified and reputable surgeons. Don’t jump at the first discounted price or you could pay for it far more dearly than you could have imagined. If the cost burns up a large chunk of your budget, there are financing options offered by a lot of clinics in Australia today.

Will my goals enhance me?

Cosmetic surgery clinics will give you the discretion to choose your preferred upgrade, but this doesn’t mean that you can just jump in without the sound advice of the experts. Most of the time, patients come in requesting boobs similar to that of a certain celebrity’s. Although it will ultimately be your call, it is also important that you have the discernment of what would suit you best. When you want to give your bust a boost, you would want to end up with the right kind of attention, and not curious stares.

Furthermore, aesthetic concerns aside, your comfort is also an important consideration. You don’t want to regret your decision by going overboard which would result in nagging neck and shoulder pain.

Am I healthy enough for surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is no different from other medical procedures done in the OR (operating room). It still calls for strict protocols which require that a patient is healthy enough to undergo the procedures. Your surgeon would prescribe blood tests or cardiopulmonary clearance to ensure that you can withstand the physical stress of surgery. Be open and honest with your surgeon about any medical condition that you might have. It is also important that you divulge any maintenance medications or supplements you are taking.

Know what is best for you with a comprehensive and honest evaluation of your unique case. Call  Esteem Cosmetic Studio for your appointment.

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