Eyebrow Transplant

(Eyebrow Restoration)

Esteem Cosmetic Studios’ hair transplant service offering is provided by Dr Masroor Alam both whom exclusively specialise in surgical hair transplant procedures.

Our mission is to provide the best possible outcome, our key to success is thorough and precise communication between the physician and the patient. Initial Consultations can be arranged for Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane patients.

Eyebrow restoration

Eyebrow restoration is a specialised hair restoration surgical technique. It is important to first get an understanding of the causes that contribute to the loss of eyebrow and establish the treatment options that are available for restoring the eyebrows under specific circumstances.

Causes of loss of eyebrows

Some of the common causes of loss of eyebrows include:

Over plucking, Trauma following injuries or burns, Alopecia Areata or Alopecia Totalis, Medical conditions including under or over active thyroid, anemia or other hormonal conditions, Post chemotherapy

Treatment options

There are two popular treatment options available for thinning eyebrows:

Option 1: Cosmetic tattooing – this has remained a very popular option for clients with thinning eyebrows.


Procedure can be performed in one sitting followed by a touch up appointment 6 weeks post initial cosmetic tattooing treatment.


It can be an uncomfortable experience. The only local anaesthetic is the numbing cream. Some clients find this fairly uncomfortable.

The colour can fade over time. More often than not, the colour fades within 2 years and you may need to have a second procedure done again.

If done by an inexperienced person, it can look extremely unnatural.

Option 2: Surgical restoration – this is becoming an increasingly popular option as the outcomes are undeniably better and permanent.

There are 2 options available similar to a hair restoration surgery. The grafts needed to restore the eyebrows can be extracted using FUE or FUT (Strip) technique.

Dr Masroor Alam who performs the majority of this particular procedure at Esteem Cosmetic Studio personally prefers the FUE technique (no strip at the donor area hence no scar) as he believe FUE is a lot less painful and the outcomes are much more predictable than in a strip surgery.

Advantages of the FUE technique for eyebrow restoration:

Aesthetically eyebrow hair restoration is a lot better than cosmetic tattooing, as it looks very natural. As the clients own hair follicles are transferred, the client can treat & manage the eyebrows as they would have done their own.

How much does it costs?

The cost per graft for Eyebrow Hair Transplants is $25 per graft.

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