Choosing to undergo a breast augmentation is a big step in any woman’s life. Not only will you be altering the way that you look and perceive yourself, but you may even change in the eyes of others, too. And that’s perfectly okay. The decision has always been yours, but even so, there are several questions and queries that go through the mind of almost every woman that has made the choice. Here are a few of them:

Can my breasts become too big?

They can – overly large breasts may cause both physical and emotional distress in some women. According to the Victorian government’s Better Health Channel, the back, neck and shoulders may be adversely affected by enormous breasts, and it can often garner you unwanted attention from some quarters. This is why it is of such importance that you sit down with your cosmetic surgeon to decide upon the optimum size for both your physical frame and what you’d mentally feel comfortable with.

There are several questions and queries that go through the mind of almost every woman that has made the choice.

Will having a boob job negate my feminist views?

This is a perhaps a topic for deeper discussion, as the ideals of feminism delve very deeply, but the question is still worth briefly touching upon. In general, there are two points of view when analysing this conundrum. On the one hand, many feminists are strong, powerful women who wouldn’t dream of altering their bodies, let alone the breasts – a symbol of femininity. On the other, your body is your body, and surely you should be able to do with it what you like, right?

Jody Appleton, writing in the UK’s Guardian newspaper, simply wasn’t happy with her 34A breasts. They made her feel unhappy and her self-esteem was lowered. Was it against her feminist principles that she wanted to feel more confident? Absolutely not. Ms Appleton found an experienced surgeon, who did a wonderful job on her chest. Not only was she happy with the final result, she doesn’t feel as though her feminist beliefs had been violated in any way.

Shall I tell people that I’ve had work done or leave it up to them to notice?

This one is entirely up to you – there is no right or wrong answer. Some people are going to notice the difference in your bust size – these changes don’t happen overnight, unless you visited Esteem Cosmetic Studios, of course! Additionally, you may have told people your plans before the work took place. Some women like to let people figure it out for themselves, others post something on social media. What will you do?

Book your consultation with us today, and let’s walk through the essentials that will prepare you for the curves you wish to have. We have a team of highly experienced surgeons who can deliver the desired results.

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