Breast augmentations are incredibly popular around the world – it’s the number one cosmetic surgery in some countries – but for some, it’s not always clear as to why anyone would want to alter their natural appearance. The answer to this question is not always the same for everyone in pursuit of a boob job.

We poke, we prod, we tape, and we buy expensive gizmos and gadgets, all promising to give our boobs the look you’ve always wanted. But at the end of the day, no matter the effort, you’re stuck with whatever you were born with under that shirt. That is, unless you undergo a little breast augmentation surgery!

Check out our top three reasons as to why women get breast augmentations. 


For better self-esteem

Getting cosmetic surgery is sometimes just a matter of giving yourself a confidence boost. Unfortunately, our bodies just aren’t as perfect as we wish them to be. Things grow unevenly, out of place or sometimes, they’re not an ideal size, whether that be too big or too small. Sadly, the world can be cruel to people who look a little different than the rest of us. Many women have shared their stories about how they were teased because they were a little disproportional compared to their peers. Often, this leads to serious self-esteem issues, and even depression. But luckily, breast augmentation has been seen to remedy the many negative effects of this psychological condition. 

We live in a day and age in which you don’t have to be uncomfortable with your body. If your mental sanity can be saved because of a quick nip and tuck, then by all means, go forth.

better-health-why-women-get-breast-implantsSometimes it’s a simple matter of being able to get out of bed in the morning.

For better health

Let’s face it, an asymmetrical look isn’t just embarrassing, it can be physically uncomfortable and even cause harm to your body. Breast augmentation isn’t just about going bigger, sometimes it is all about taking it down a couple of sizes! Women who were bequeathed with big-breasted genes don’t always see this as a blessing – in fact, these heavy breasts can be quite the burden. All the extra weight on the front of a woman’s chest can lead to back and neck pain, which can cause posture problems. In some cases, large breasts can also get in the way of physical activity, often benching women when they want to be in the game.

A breast reduction surgery can therefore be good for a woman’s health.

It can also be had to find clothing that fits properly. Bra straps can dig into shoulders and leave uncomfortable marks for average-sized breasts, add a couple of sizes and you can likely imagine how painful that could get. A breast reduction surgery can therefore be good for a woman’s health by correcting posture, allowing for more physical activity and better clothing fits.

For aesthetics 

When you strive for perfection in every aspect of your life, you don’t stop at mismatched boobs! Many women believe that a surgeon can give them a more aesthetically pleasing pair than their genes can, and they’re often right! If your breasts aren’t just so, you can make them however you want. Sometimes, it’s a matter of looking better in clothing – women have even gotten new breasts to look better in their wedding dress on their big day. 

This option isn’t necessarily all about seeking attention, but rather, just making everything look just right. It all comes back to confidence. If your boobs are going to be the make or break of your self-image, then breast augmentation is a priceless procedure! 

What’s your breast reason for needing an breast augmentation? Consult with our industry experts today and get the chest you’ve always dreamed of in no time! 


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