Muffin tops are never ideal for anyone, but they can and do form naturally, and it isn’t always an indication of excess weight. Some individual’s body metabolism system just so happens to direct more fat to that area than to other parts of their body.

However, a solution comes in the form of a surgical procedure called a tummy tuck. Also known as an abdominoplasty, it is an operation that removes excess fat and skin from the abdominal section to tighten up your muscles. This is a great option for mothers that have had several children, resulting in loose skin over their stomach.

If you are considering a tummy tuck, here are three reasons that may help your decision.

1. It’s a good option after you’ve lost a lot of weight

Staying active and maintaining your fitness is key to a healthy life, but WebMD explains that women or men who were once obese may still have fat deposits or loose skin that affects the appearance of your midsection.

If you had excess weight that you’ve now lost, it may leave you with saggy skin that needs firming up. An abdominoplasty can reduce the amount of skin on your stomach to help flatten it out, so  you can show off your new figure that you’ve worked so hard for. Regular exercise and sticking to a healthy diet takes a lot of determination, so why not add the final touch of a slim, flat stomach?

2. It’s better for your core muscles

Harvard Health Publications explains that core muscles are important for a wide range of everyday movements. This includes standing up, bending over, sitting, balance and stability, and even mundane tasks like housework. That’s because your core is the link between your upper and lower body, and if your stomach muscles have been weakened from childbirth, then an abdominoplasty may help tighten and strengthen that area.

waist-sizeStronger core muscles help with balance and prevent falls, while boosting your confidence.


3. You’ll feel more confident

Yes, confidence is something you can help train yourself to believe in, but why not help yourself along the way with some cosmetic surgery? Reducing the size of your tummy is likely to make you want to show it off more, which boosts your self-esteem, happiness and sense of worth.

Life Coach Directory explains that feeling confident can help with reasons such as:

  • Higher levels of enjoyment in life
  • Face new challenges and opportunities with excitement
  • Assurance with own ideas and opinions
  • Feeling respected by others
  • Being at ease in social situations

As much as a tummy tuck is able to create physical changes, it can also improve other aspects in you life – like your confidence for instance. If you are willing to make that change in your midsection through an abdominoplasty, book a consultation with Esteem Studio today.


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