Breast implants are often the rave whenever a woman feels that she needs enhancement on her bust area. But implants aren’t always the answer to improve how your breasts look. In some cases, you may simply need a breast lift surgery. This is also another option that may also be used for other applications.

Let’s go through the basics of this procedure and go through what to expect to pass as a candidate.

Breast lift surgery is a procedure done to enhance the breast by improving its perkiness and pertness. This surgery no longer needs an implant, but rather it the process only involves having to lift the structures of the breast.

In this procedure the incisions are made around the areola, along the lower curve of the breast, and at the crease where the breast meets the breast. Any excess tissue will be removed carefully through the incisions and the remaining skin is pulled together.

In some cases, fewer incisions will be needed for the desired outcome. And breast lift can even be done together with breast augmentation surgery to create a better perkiness, shape and volume.

But who really are good candidates for breast lift surgery?

Those who underwent major weight loss may benefit from breast lift surgery. Since breasts are mainly composed of adipose tissue, someone who undergoes weight loss might have to deal with saggy breasts. To remedy the problem, a breast lift can be done to remove saggy skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

A woman who had just given birth may also have some problem with saggy breasts. This is due to the shift in hormone levels which can result in a decrease in breast size. Breastfeeding may also contribute to this problem. That is why this procedure is a popular addition to mommy makeovers to restore the breasts to their pre-pregnant state.

Aside from the milestone of being a mother does to the breasts, another factor that results to breast sagginess is aging. It is only natural that we cannot stop the effects of gravity in changing the physical structure of the breast. Loss of fat and skin elasticity can result in saggy breasts, that is why a breast lift can also serve as a good anti-ageing procedure. It allows women who are in their middle ages to look younger. This gives them better confidence in their own skin.

But overall, what makes a woman a good candidate for the procedure is that she is generally healthy. She should have no cardiac, pulmonary, bleeding problems, etc. that would serve as a risk to surgery.

It is also important that she has a realistic view of the procedure and to know what its limitations are. This would be that it does not promote larger breasts as breast augmentation does, but rather, it makes the breast appear fuller and perkier.

But a comprehensive evaluation would have to be performed for the surgeon to determine whether if it is an appropriate procedure for the patient. Since each patient is different, it is important that they are treated accordingly.


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