It’s finally that time of year during which we can shed a couple of layers, or, you know, all of them. It’s nude beach season!

That’s right, if you’re on team ‘no tan lines’, we’re coming up on that crucial moment where we have to ask ourselves, “is my body ready?” We’ll help you get prepared to hit the beach with a perfect body that will have all the beach-goers admiring your confidence from their towels. Trust us, an amazing body with perfect boobs is easier to achieve than you’d think!

Check out our tips for getting a body fit for nude escapades below.

Hit the gym

Believe it or not, but there are a couple of chest exercises to get your boobs looking a little perkier. Of course, getting on a good workout routine in general will get your entire body in tip-top shape both internally and externally. However, if you target the chest muscles behind your breasts, you can get them to pop out a bit more with some simple movements! We have a couple of easy moves for you to help target your chest muscles:

  • Chest flies: Grab some weights, open your arms into a T formation and bring the weights together in front of you, then back and repeat.
  • One-armed rows: Get into a plank position supporting yourself on the weights. One at a time, pull the weight up until your arm makes a 90 degree angle with the ground.
  • Chest press: Lay down on a yoga ball so your weight is supported on your shoulders. With weights in both hands, press up so they are over your chest.
  • Pushups: Nothing beats a good old-fashioned pushup! Make sure you keep your back straight and lower yourself until your nose is just above the floor.

Watch what you eat

Winter is over, so we have to say goodbye to comfort foods. These give us an extra layer of warmth when it’s colder out, but we won’t need that for summer, will we? We’re not here to tell you that you need to go on a full-blown diet, but you should start to watch what you’re eating a little more. You want to avoid overly starchy, salty and sugary foods. These foods are some of the fastest ways to gain unnecessary weight. Unfortunately, this does mean skipping some of your favourite summer treats, like ice cream, but there are plenty of more yummy meals that are a good replacement.

Prep a leafy green salad filled with fresh summer fruits and some salmon on the side, substitute ice cream for yoghurt and your body will be looking good in no time. 


Are your boobs ready for the beach?

Get your boobs done

Look down and give yourself an honest assessment. At the end of the day, a good looking pair of boobs won’t come just like that, so if you want to turn heads at the nude beach, you know your best bet is to go for a pre-summer breast augmentation. You have plenty of options to improve your breasts as well. Our team here at Esteem can do everything from breast enhancement to breast reduction, and even alter the size of your areola if you’re unhappy with that. So if you think your breasts might need some work before beach season, you can’t waste any time!

Get in contact with our friendly clinicians who are ready to help you get an amazing beach body for this summer, and many more to come!


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