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Let’s face it, it is not rocket science that in life, you should always eat a healthy balanced diet. It is of vital importance to keep your immune system at its top game to fight off the nasties that are constantly lurking around us. 

All the more, it is so important to be in top shape before surgery. Being in top shape gives your body the best chance at a swift recovery. For patients seeking breast augmentation surgery (implants only), breast lift surgery, breast reduction surgery and explant surgery, we recommend that you have 4mg of protein per kg of body weight and 1 gram of Vitamin C daily. Increasing your intake of protein is a no brainer, protein stimulates collagen production and helps form new blood vessels. Protein aids wound contraction and gives your tissue a boost in tissue remodelling. This is all essential for the post-surgery period. What happens if your protein levels are low? Low protein levels compromise the strength of and puts a strain on your immune system when it is trying to fight off an infection. Infections can happen post-surgery so do not take your immune system for granted.

Not only increase your protein intake but have a rich diet of antioxidants, they help fight off inflammation and general stress bestowed upon the body post-surgery. Don’t forget the healthy fats as well, healthy fats are the bodyguards of our organs and they carry fat soluble vitamins around the body when required for healing.

Have a plan in place 4 to 6 weeks before surgery and stick to the plan. 

What about after surgery? For the first few days post-surgery, it would be good to stay hydrated – when we say hydrated we mean WATER, not soft drinks, coffee, tea, etc. Adequate amount of water prevents you from being dehydrated which can give you headaches and this ever-annoying feeling of being nauseous. This is not a good space and place to be in, post-surgery. Start off the post-op journey with a diet of healthy smoothies, homemade soups and salads that will add the oomph to recovery. 

Once you are back to full meals, we advise clean proteins, as well as vitamin and mineral-rich vegetables and fruits that promote immunity and cell restoration.

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