Breaking News: There is no standardize cup sizing in Australia. A “b” cup is a Berlei bra would not necessarily be a “B” cup in a Triumph bra !!

Implant size range is determined by YOUR anatomical measurements first and foremost and taking into account the answers to the questions of the surgeon to ascertain what your expectations are – 

  • How wide your base width and sternum is?
  • How lax the skin is?
  • Where the breast sits on your torso – your breast footprint?
  • How much natural breast tissue you have?
  • How dense that natural breast tissue is?
  • Cleavage, “side boob”, upper pole fullness, lower pole roundness, replace lost volume, in proportion with other body curves, out of proportion “fake” look?

Your final size is YOUR breast tissue + implant = final result


Stack of Bras


Cup and Bra sizing is not an exact science and there is no standardized sizing or universal sizing in Australia, each manufacturer/supplier/retailer will have a different sizing chart. It is impossible to predict what size you will be after surgery.

The only true way to see what size you are is to try the bra on, many factors change what size you will be – the country of manufacture, the brand, fabric, the cut of the bra, the width of the band, the width of the straps, position of the straps, strapless, whether it has wire or not, whether it has padding or not…


Woman wearing Bras


Most often women state they are a particular cup/bra size because they find a style, cut and often brand of bra as an everyday regular bra and then that is what they base their “bra/cup size” on, when they go and buy a special occasion type bra, they are often not their “regular” size.

Implant size is not a predictor or indicator of cup size, the same implant can look and affect the cup size VERY differently in different women.

Don’t believe us? Speak to a bra fitter!!

Post Written by Practice Director and Surgical Nurse: Justine Jahrmann

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