One of the most common reasons women are interested in breast augmentation surgery is the fact that puberty dealt them a tough hand. No two breasts are perfectly symmetrical, but for some that is more noticeable than it is for others. Misshapen nipples or breasts that are obviously different sizes therefore drive women to seek touch-ups.

For many, the sooner in life, they can undergo surgery the better, however, there might be one tiny detail that could be a flicker of concern for women. Future pregnancy.

The fear of complications with either the breasts or the baby itself can keep women from pursuing surgery until after they have children. But in some cases, waiting until after pregnancy to get a breast augmentation just isn’t an option. These women might find themselves wondering some or all of the following: Will the implants affect my pregnancy? Will having a child ruin my breasts? Does having implants mean I cannot breastfeed?

We have the answers to all these questions right here, simply read on. 


How do breast implants affect pregnancies?


To begin with, breast implants will not impact your ability to get pregnant. Even in the odd case that an implant pops, the material inside will not harm your body or the baby – although it should be removed as soon as possible.

If you want to start a family one day and are also set on breastfeeding, your surgeon will be able to narrow down the site of the incision as well. Incisions under the fold of the breast or armpit will be your best options, as an incision around the areola could complicate the feeding process. 

breast augmentation surgery - before pregnancy


Can pregnancy ruin implants?


It’s very well known that when pregnant, stomachs aren’t the only thing that gets bigger – boobs do too. This happens because the tissue inside the breast and the skin envelope are stretching to make room for the milk. That said, pregnancy can indeed affect your boob job, though it varies body to body. Unless you’ve had a baby before, you don’t know how much change is going to happen, so this can be a risk.

However, mothers can also opt to get a touch-up after they give birth – though if you plan on breastfeeding it might be ideal to wait until after your breasts have gone back to normal. Breast implants often need to be touched up after a while, so this won’t put you out too much. 


Will you be able to breastfeed with breast augmentation?


Breastfeeding is important to many mothers, but is it safe to have a baby feed while there is an implant inside? The answer is a resounding yes, it is perfectly safe. Occasionally, mothers can experience mastitis, which is similar to the symptoms of a cold like soreness, fever, and chills, however, this won’t keep you from breastfeeding. 

Yes, it is perfectly safe.

The milk production will depend on the original state of the breast before the surgery. If you have surgery to fix an underdeveloped breast, you might have trouble, in general, producing milk but pumping after nursing can help production.


At the end of the day, the answers to these questions are going to be largely based on your individual body. The only way you’re really going to know what is best for you is to sit down and have a consultation with an expert. Contact our team and set up an appointment today.


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