Esteem Cosmetic Studio Australia Breast Implants

Your implants will be placed in the “correct” position, but displacement or migration of a breast implant can occur from its initial placement.

The implant can migrate up, down, outward, or inward and may be accompanied by discomfort and/or distortion in breast shape. It may occur despite actions taken to minimize it, such as post-operative garments, straps, and massage techniques.

There is a greater chance of displacement or migration with larger implants, and also if there was a difficulty during implant placement or limitations due to pre-operative anatomy (such as short nipple to inframammary distance).

Surgery may be necessary to correct implant malposition, after a minimum of 6-8 weeks. It is important to do any action that your surgeon suggests as conservative treatment, as normal healing and settling can occur over time and treatment may not be required.

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