Clothes do not always fit based on their number. Sometimes you can be a size 6 in one shop and a size 10 in another. So the number of CC’s or potential cup size doesn’t really give you an accurate indication of your potential results.

It is more about the way it feels and achieving the right proportion than it is about the number.

The right size for you is the largest size you feel comfortable with that fits on your body, fills out your breast and is relevant to your personality, lifestyle and body proportions.

If you can’t decide which size is right for you, you’re not alone.

Sometimes you have to try things on several times before you know whether it is right for you. The size might not change, it’s just that you’ve had more time to process it.

If you are uncertain about size, try the sizes on again at another time until you are confident about what you want.

It is better to delay surgery when you’re unsure than proceed and end up unhappy.

If the surgeon feels that you are uncertain about size, he reserves the right to delay the procedure.

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