Breast augmentation – if done right, it can change a woman’s life for the better.

To have a successful result – and avoid reoperation – you need to do more than choose where the best place is for the incision. The size of implants and where exactly to place them is just as important. Accurate measurements are a key step for this and something you can even do at home.

Whilst we highly recommend a professional consultation with a surgeon, here is a brief guide on how to self-assess breast measurements.

You’ll need a tape measure and ballpoint pen to assess your breast measurements.

Preparation and tools needed


To perform breast measurements, all you need is a plastic tape measure or flexible cloth (marked with both centimetres and inches) and a ballpoint pen. 

After organising the right tools, you are set to go:

Step 1 –  thickness

You want to ensure the best soft-tissue coverage for your new breasts possible as particularly thin skin can influence your choice of implants. A small pinch test allows you to determine the thickness of the tissues.

Gently grasp your breast and pull it downward towards your feet to allow good access to the upper breast tissue. Then, with the other hand, pinch the the skin with your index finger and thumb about one-and-a-half inches apart. Measure the fold of skin for the thickness. 

Step 2 –  base width

To calculate the width of your breast, locate the flat area between your breasts while standing in front of a mirror. Then determine the point where the flat area begins to slope upward and place a dot with the ballpoint pen there. Visualise the line that goes from the dot in the cleavage area to the outside edge of your boob. 

The measurement for your width should be a straight line, not a curve over the breast mound. 

Step 3 – distance between the nipple and inframmamary fold 

Lift your breast in front of a mirror, locate the inframmamary fold (the crease beneath the breast) and make a small dot directly in line with your nipple. Release your breast, place a dot on your areola, close to the nipple and place the tip of the measuring tape there. Pull your breast upwards and the tape down to meet the dot at the fold. This is your measurement. 

Get a professional consultation for accurate breast measurements.

There are other measurements, such as skin stretch, that are important for objective decision making. Yet, these measures are most accurately done by a skilled surgeon. 

Are you thinking of getting a breast augmentation and want a professional consultation? Reach out to our expert team at Esteem Cosmetic Studio to make an appointment today.


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