Are you considering a breast augmentation? This is the big question of which is followed by plenty of brief, but equally important questions about what to expect. If you’ve never had any type of surgery or breast augmentation before you need to be advised of what to expect. Today we are going to examine the first steps towards making your final decision.

Step 1. Discussing expectations

The first part of the decision making process is an honest conversation with one of our doctors. In this meeting you and your surgeon will review your surgical options and measurements that suit your body structure. It’s important to note that no two breast augmentations will ever be the same – the individual size and shape of your chest really does matter. Your doctor can help find the most suitable look for you.

Is there a type of implant that would be better for me? Why?

Step 2. Asking the right questions

Keeping in mind that no two surgeries will ever be the same, it’s important to ask the right questions. These questions should be specific to your health and expectations.

Ask for everything from surgeon and anaesthesiologist certifications to the type of equipment they plan to use during the procedure. Other questions you can ask include:

  • What are your qualifications/experience with breast augmentations?
  • Is there a type of implant that would be better for me? Why?
  • Is now a good time in life for me to get breast implants?
  • Am I mentally in a good place to get this surgery?
  • What is your typical before and after surgery? Can you walk me through a patient’s typical journey?
  • What are the risks or complications of a surgery?
  • How is my life going to change from a surgery?

Step 3. Do your own research

The best way you can be prepared for this surgery is to do your own research. It is a big change, so you’ll want to spend a good amount of time preparing yourself. Come up with your own questions and try to find a look that you’d be happy with. Your doctor won’t be able to replicate it, but it will be an important part of deciding what look you ultimately want to end up with. Don’t forget, we’re here to help you feel safe and secure throughout the whole process.

If you ever have any questions throughout this whole decision making process you should give us a call. We’ll help you take the first step together.


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