Going in for cosmetic surgery doesn’t mean that you only commit to the positive result, you should also prepare yourself for the possible untoward effects later on.

At some point, the effects of your surgery today can succumb to the natural process of aging, which is why most people have their procedures done yet again in the future.

Procedures such as face lifts, eye lifts, tummy tucks, liposuction and breast implants eventually lose their effectiveness usually around ten years or even lower. It may be caused by a number of factors but mainly it is because of aging. However, there are ways in which you can prolong the effects or manage the fading results.

Healthy Lifestyle 

If you want your cosmetic surgery results to last longer, one of the most important things that you have to keep in mind is to keep a healthy lifestyle. This might sound too demanding, but not only will it help you to heal faster, but it also allows you to enjoy the effects of surgery much longer.

To make it more precise, you need to stay away from unhealthy behaviour such as too much sun exposure, a poor diet, cigarettes, alcohol and lack of sleep.  All these factors contribute to premature skin aging which causes fine lines and wrinkles to start showing up, as well as skin sagging. No amount of face lifts or eye lifts can hold a skin of someone who deliberately destroys the internal structures by poor lifestyle habits.

Realistic Expectations to Keep You Grounded

It is also very important to maintain a good cosmetic surgery outcome for many years to come, you also need to have a realistic view of your procedure. Some people go under the knife with such high and often unrealistic expectations are prone to disappointments, depression and even anxiety. This, in turn, led them to a more destructive behaviour driving them to have more procedures done.

So instead of creating some enhancements, this behaviour can lead these individuals downhill and end up looking like someone else entirely.  Take Heidi Montag or the late Michael Jackson for example.

Breast Augmentation Concerns

Another concern about the long term concerns one of the most requested cosmetic procedure, and that is breast augmentation. This may give a woman a good boost with her confidence and self-esteem but there are instances where it can significantly sag due to a loss of skin elasticity. That is why breast lifts are done in order to avert this problem.

But another problem with breast implants in the long term is related to the safety of the implants. These materials couldn’t last forever that is why follow up check-ups are necessary to monitor the integrity of the implant shells.

Tummy Tuck Problems

A tummy tuck also has a similar problem, with regards to skin sagging. Since our skin will not always be at their firmest as they were in our twenties, there is a good chance that abdominal skin would start to sag. This can be worsened if you do not control your diet and keep a regular exercise regimen. The abdominal muscles that were stitched together still have a good chance of stretching apart in the future if you are not careful enough.

Never Be Too Lenient with Liposuction Results

Yes, liposuction may be the easiest and fastest way to get rid of your stubborn and unwanted fats, but this doesn’t guarantee permanent results. If you do not keep a good eye out on your diet and your exercise, fats will eventually pile up again. And the bad thing about this according to a recent study is that the type of fat that builds up is the dangerous kind. They stay wrapped on your organs increasing your risk for metabolic or cardiovascular diseases.

Again the only preventive measure for this is again a healthy lifestyle. We cannot stress it enough, but most would admit that they are quite challenging to maintain.

Cosmetic surgery has impressive benefits, but it also takes good discipline and hard work if you want to maintain the results much longer. But for factors that we cannot control such as the effects of ageing, you can always have some retouch done; however, always maintain a realistic view so as not to go too far with it.

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