Many men would rejoice when their pecs start to firm up. However, it may not be muscle, but rather, breast tissue. Read on to find out more about man boobs.

The ability to grow facial hair, tone abs and be able to lift heavy weights is something that most guys aim to achieve. There are many factors that inhibit these things from turning into a reality – hereditary factors, diet and lifestyle habits. Unfortunately, the human body doesn’t always respond as such.

One thing that many guys can’t seem to shake, however, are man boobs. Commonly quoted as ‘moobs’, these are dreaded deposits of fatty content on your chest, and may be the only thing stopping you from becoming one of those male models in underwear ads.


Is your diet contributing to your overly large breasts?

Why do man boobs happen?

There are many reasons why a young male would develop these wobbly pecs. In most cases, it’s due to hormones. Breast tissue is something that both genders are born with, and something that you can’t just wish away. It’s the hormone, estrogen, which controls the regulation of fat deposits directed to your chest area.

With women, estrogen is naturally pumped up during puberty, hence those womanly changes you’d see in teenagers. But sometimes, it targets males, too.

It could be that your testosterone levels are fluctuating too much to keep estrogen in balance, or, you just have a naturally higher estrogen production than its counterpart.

Other factors could be due to a whole range of lifestyle factors – an unhealthy diet, medication and drinking too much alcohol. If your thyroid gland (which controls your hormones) is overactive or kidney isn’t working efficiently, it can play a contributing factor.

WebMD explains that sometimes, the consumption of estrogen-high herbal products could even affect man boobs – tea tree and lavender oil.

It’s a common condition, so don’t panic yet – in medical terms, man breasts are called gynecomastia, and according to Right Diagnosis, there are over an estimated one million males in Australia that have it.

Gynecomastia surgery can help you get rid of that excess breast tissue.

What can you do about it?

So, you’ve got them, and now you want rid of them. Having abnormally large pecs, and not in the form of muscle, can really dampen your self-confidence. It can also be a cause of teasing and bullying among friends, which can lead to anti-social behaviour.

There are many things you can do to reduce gynecomstia. If you consume a less than healthy diet, your best bet is to get a fitness and diet plan in place to combat the size of those boobs. Though they may feel firm and rubbery, it’s likely to be just fat growth, and if they wobble during movement, you know that it’s time to slim down.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at the medication you are taking. The use of recreational drugs may not only impair your health, but can be a main factor for your ‘moobs’. Some medications that you’d assume are relatively safe, such as those targeted for heartburn, could be the culprits – always speak to a doctor first, however, if you’re planning on stopping any prescribed medication. They can offer you the best advice when substituting it for something more suitable.


Are those pecs, or are they man boobs?

But, you may not want to wait around for them to recede. Surgery is a sure-fire way to slim them down – and it’s an option that’s quickly becoming more popular. At Esteem, male breast reduction is one of the many options that our qualified cosmetic surgeons can help you with. You’ll come in for an initial consultation to conduct a medical examination, who can help you determine the correct path to take for a more refined chest.

It’s an operation that’s specifically tailored to your needs, as everyone’s bodies can be different. You’ll be made to feel as comfortable as you can, and can soon hit the beaches with a shirtless confidence.


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