There are many reasons why you might decide to get a boob job – but once you’ve made the decision, there are some important steps you should follow.

The first step is to find and vet a good surgeon. Breast augmentation is a relatively personal procedure, so looking for someone you trust and who you’re comfortable with is just as important as qualifications and experience. However, if you’ve never had a surgery before you might not know how to begin.

We’re here to help with that. Here are some tips on how to find the right surgeon for you:

1. Don’t always go with the first doctor you meet

You need to shop around a little before you settle on your surgeon. Even if you think the first person you meet with is the right fit for you, it’s still important to affirm this by meeting with other doctors. Surgeons have their own processes so you’ll want to find the one with the best game plan for you. It is essential for you to choose whoever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. Ensure this is someone who spares no details and answers all your questions satisfactorily.

2. Thoroughly review their credentials

Once you’ve found a couple of surgeons you’re interested in, it’s time to dig a little deeper. They’ve likely shared their credentials with you, so do some research into their qualifications. A part of this vetting process should also involve a review of their experience. How many surgeries have they done? How many were similar to what you’re looking for? What were the outcomes of their surgeries? 

A doctor will usually show you examples of their best work (the before and after shots). However, it is still worth checking their customer reviews online – if you find a negative review, have an open discussion with your doctor about those to put your mind at ease and ensure complete transparency.

3. Research their practice and equipment

Just as you should check the credentials of your surgeon, you should make sure their operating facility has a stamp of approval as well. Breast augmentation technology has progressed significantly over the past couple of years and you want to make sure the practice is up-to-date with the latest equipment.

Use of top-of-the-line technology will help you achieve better looking results and a faster recovery time. Ensure all medications that will be used throughout the surgical and recovery process are safe for you, especially if you have any known allergies that could complicate the surgery. 

4. Avoid a surgeon who uses the word ‘perfect’

Cosmetic surgery is not an exact science – surgeons can improve but they cannot perfect. That said, if you have an ideal breast shape and size in mind, and a picture to go with it, your surgeon should not be able to say that they can give you that exact look. Rather, you want a surgeon who will base your results on an assessment of your tissue and body type – not someone else’s.

Here at Esteem, we have an incredible team of surgeons who are ready and willing to meet with you and discuss your options. We are committed to excellence and want to provide you with nothing but the best in terms of our attention, care, technology and, of course, results. Each of our surgeons has their own specialty, so just come in and see who is going to be the best fit for you. 

Contact us today, set up an appointment and let’s get this process started!


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