Breast augmentation remains to be one of the most popular cosmetic procedures requested by women. But with a lot of individuals becoming health conscious today, patients are expressing concerns on how they can stay active after the operation without undermining their recovery. That is why women are questioning their doctors on whether it is possible to stick to a healthy lifestyle even after a breast augmentation surgery.

If you live an active lifestyle, it is best that you discuss this concern before the surgery with your cosmetic surgeon. This way you can already map out a plan of action which makes the process of recuperation better, without having to sacrifice your health routine.

Cosmetic surgeons recognize the fact that physical activity is vital for one’s well-being and even for your recovery. That is why they don’t hinder anyone from stopping any activity after the surgery. However, in order to avoid any complications, it would be best to minimize the level or intensity of activity.

You made an investment for this improvement so you also have to understand that there are temporary sacrifices that you have to make along the way.

Typically, surgeons would tell patients to give their body at least a month to recuperate after going back to any exercise program. But some doctors would already allow low impact exercises after 2-3 weeks’ time.

A stationary bike or walking can be okay 2 weeks after breast augmentation surgery. You have to make sure to listen to your body and know your limits. Remember that your tissues would still need time to recover from the trauma of the surgery. Therefore, always see to it that you follow your doctors’ recovery plan.

Some would be lenient while others will be very strict with activity restriction. But always see to it that you follow this because these doctors know your specific case through his or her assessment. Not everyone heals the same way, so always opt for the safe side also for your own good.

You don’t have to exert that much as your body heals because your metabolic rate rises when your body undergoes a surgical procedure. In effect, you will be burning extra calories for the next few weeks even without exerting much effort.

An example of a good exercise that you can do during the early part of the recovery process is leg lifts. It keeps good circulation flowing while keeping your pectoral area safe. What you need to do is to lay flat on your back and keep your leg straight. Rest it about 6 inches from the ground for at least 15-20 seconds. Then slowly pull your knee towards your body to see how high you can kick up without having to bend your knee. Repeat this process on the opposite knee. Although it may be quite simple but it can really help.

Basically when it comes to staying active after breast augmentation recovery, just remember that if you live a fast-paced or active lifestyle, a little rest and recuperation wouldn’t weaken the body. Take it easy on yourself also to reduce the chances of anything going wrong.


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