Making the call to undergo breast augmentation is a major decision in a woman’s life. From picking a surgeon you trust to preparing for the big day, there are many things to consider before taking the step. 

Alongside all this, you might also have questions about what happens after getting breast implants. Here, we cover some of the basics around caring for your breast health after breast enlargement surgery. 

It’s important to stick to your check-up schedule.

1. Take follow-up appointments seriously

Prevention is the best way to avoid serious issues down the line. Therefore, even if you don’t notice any problems with your breasts, it’s important to adhere to the schedule for follow-up visits. 

Usually, surgeons will check up on your recovery and general condition for the first two days after surgery. After that, appointments are spaced out a few months in between for the first year before converting to once every two years. 

If you do have concerns about your breast tissue and health, we suggest to make an appointment with your trusted surgeon swiftly. This way, you will have professional advice immediately and avert potential problems. 

2. Make support a priority

A key concern for many patients is the question whether you can participate in all physical activities after getting breast implants. The short answer is yes! Your new breasts will withstand everything from sky diving to sexual intercourse without problems. 

However, we suggest wearing a bra during activities that make your breasts bounce, such as running. The additional support helps avoid premature sagginess caused by gravity. This is particularly important for augmented breasts since the larger your breasts, the more gravity will take its toll over time as skin tissue loses its flexibility. 

You shouldn’t have any trouble feeling anything suspicious.

3. Continue self-examinations

Breast augmenting surgery doesn’t change the fact that women have to regularly check for lumps. Since the implants are behind your natural breast tissue, you shouldn’t have any trouble feeling anything suspicious – some people even say it’s easier to self-examine after getting implants! 

You should wait around three months before examining your breasts for the first time to ensure all swelling has gone down and you have optimal access to breast tissue. 

For more expert advice on caring for your breasts after having augmenting surgery, feel free to reach out to the highly experienced team at Esteem.


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