During the pre-operative consultation process, a surgeon carefully analyses each and every patient.

There are many different choices that must be made when performing breast augmentation surgery. Choosing the right implant, the right approach and the right implant placement all influence the final result.

Every woman is unique, and since no woman ever has exactly symmetrical breasts, every breast is also unique. Analysing and understanding these unique features is essential in formulating an individualised surgical plan that will lead to the best possible result for each patient.

Your surgeon will take into account your existing breast anatomy, your desired look, and your lifestyle when preparing a surgical strategy for your breast enhancement.

The decision between placing the implant above or below the chest muscle also affects the look of the breast. The intended look of the breasts, the shape of the existing breast and the size of the chosen implant all dictate the preferred placement.

Despite all these variables and choices, you should not feel overwhelmed. Your experienced and compassionate surgeon has performed more than 1500 breast enlargements and will guide you through the decision making process by ensuring that you have a proper understanding of all the possibilities.

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