breast implants

There are many things to do prior to having surgery, as you won’t be able to do them for a while after the surgery. So it is a good idea to prepare in advance for your return home and recovery time…

  • Have a mani/pedi, wax, and get your hair done.
  • Clean out and rearrange the fridge. Make likely items easily accessible and buy groceries with easy-to-prepare or pre-prepared meals and snacks, including some convenience items such as: facial wipes, tissues, mouthwash, straws, plastic cutlery, plates, and cups.
  • Prepare the bathroom – make items like deodorant, tampons, toilet paper and toothpaste easily accessible.
  • Change the sheets, spring-clean the house and catch up on the washing. Have extra pillows and blankets out and easily accessible.
  • Have comfy casual clothes out and easily accessible, such as zip up/button up tops and elastic-waisted pants.
  • Get your entertainment ready: movies, magazines, books, phone charger, phone.
  • Have a notepad ready to write down any questions you think of (as you often won’t remember them if you are put on the spot). Keep your pre-op and post-op instructions handy.
  • Have relevant phone numbers written down, such as: your carer, surgeon, the clinic, GP, and any friends’ numbers if you need someone to call.
  • Have some cash – this is handy if you need your carer to pick you up any items needed like extra medications.
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