No, Fraxel Laser treatment is not the Fountain of Youth, but it is the closest technology available in Australia today.

Patient satisfaction is higher for the Fraxel Laser procedure than for any other non-surgical skin resurfacing procedure that Dr Pramod Parmar has seen done over the years. The treated skin takes on a more youthful appearance. The results are natural and subtle. Patients consistently report that their family and friends tell them how great their skin looks.

Dr Parmar is the only Dr in Canberra to offer Fraxel Repair and Restore Laser which is the newest advance in the Fraxel Laser family. It is a new treatment for wrinkles around the eyes, age spots, sun damaged skin and is especially effective on acne scarring, burn scars, as well as surgical scars.

It is effective on any part of the body, on any color of skin and is extremely safe. Utilizing a new technology called Fractional Resurfacing, only a fraction of the skin receives the laser light, through a series of microscopic closely spaced laser spots. Because it preserves normal healthy skin between the laser spots, healing and recovery is more rapid and there is no significant downtime.


The Fraxel Laser Procedure

With Fraxel Laser, the entire face can be treated in approximately 30 minutes and is performed in the office. A topical anesthetic gel is applied to the skin one hour prior to treatment. During the procedure cool air is used to make the skin comfortable and most patients find that the treatment is very tolerable, feeling like warm little pins running over the skin. After the treatment, the skin feels sunburned for about one hour, but beyond that there is no discomfort whatsoever and there is no need for pain medicine.

Patients may apply makeup after their Fraxel Laser treatment and most patients are able to return to work and normal activities the following day. The best results are generally achieved over a series of 3 to 5 treatments spaced two to three weeks apart. Treated areas are pink like a sunburn or windburn for 1-2 days.

There is mild swelling, mainly around the eyes for 2-3 days. About the third day, the skin looks tanned and this is followed by a few days of light peeling. By the sixth day, the skin looks fresh and healthy. Our patients are thrilled with the results after each treatment.

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