Aging, genetics and many other factors steal away our youthfulness over time – and while we can’t stop the clock – we do have age-defying options today that effectively restore youthfulness to keep us looking good. A thinning upper lip often makes you appear angry and old – while fine lines, often referred to as “smoker’s lines,” appear to make you look even older.

Using today’s more advanced and reliable materials for lip enhancement – Dr Daood can rejuvenate your lips to what they once were – or give you the lips you’ve always wanted and never had.

Today’s amazing lip enhancing materials include Hyaluronic Acids such as Juvederm Ultra and Juverderm Ultra Plus .

How You Could Benefit From Lip Augmentation:

• Lip Augmentation restores thin, droopy lips to their more youthful look

• Lip Augmentation plumps us thin lips to restore balance & proportion

• Lip Augmentation reduces fine lines & wrinkles around the mouth

• Lip Augmentation “lifts” droopy lip corners to a more youthful position

• Lip Augmentation is achieved with Injectable Fillers or Fat Injections

• Lip Augmentation is a safe, reliable in-office procedure

• Lip Augmentation can achieve temporary or permanent results

A Good Candidate:

Any man or woman who is unhappy with what their lips as they are today and who wants Lip Augmentation to rejuvenate and restore their lips to a more youthful appearance – or to create the lips they’ve always wanted and never had – could be an ideal candidate for a Lip Augmentation procedure. You should be in otherwise good health and have realistic goals and expectations. The Drs will assess your condition and concerns, during your initial consultation, and then create a personalized treatment plan for you.

Lip Augmentation Procedure

Temporary treatments involve using one of today’s advanced Injectable fillers. A treatment typically takes only a few minutes and is done in-office. The Dr’s use a topical anesthetic to ensure your comfort and a tiny needle with pre-measured doses for injecting the targeted areas. Injectable fillers can last from 6-12 months. The options vary depending upon your needs, condition and goals. Juverderm is just one of today’s safe, effective age-defying options for Lip Augmentation. The filler that’s best for your use will be determined during your personal consultation.

What to expect after lip augmentation?

This varies with each patient but typically you can expect some bruising, swelling and minimal discomfort for a couple days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What Does Lip Augmentation Accomplish?

Dr. Tsirbas, Dr Michael Zacharia, Dr Parmar, Dr Daood and Dr Ash perform lip augmentation to add or restore fullness, shape and contour to the lips. This is a cosmetic procedure which results in either temporary or permanent outcomes.

Nb: Dr Ash performs all lip augmentation procedures at our Brisbane Clinic. Dr Angelo Tsirbas, Dr Michael Zacharia, Dr Parmar and Dr Daood perform this procedure at our Canberra and Sydney rooms only.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Lip Augmentation?

Women and men who want to rejuvenate their lips or restore them to a more youthful, full and shapely appearance make good candidates. A good candidate should also be in good health and have goals and expectations that are realistic.

Where Does the Dr Perform Lip Augmentations?

Lip Augmentation is an in-office procedure.

Is Lip Augmentation Painful?

The technique used for your procedure often determines the amount of discomfort involved. Topical anesthetic is used for some procedures and local anesthetic for others.

How Long Does Lip Augmentation Take?

Typically – Lip Augmentation takes between 30-60 minutes depending upon the complexity of your personalized plan.

Shape Your Lips like Jolie

Fuller lips has become the “in thing” nowadays, with actresses like Angelina Jolie displaying a full and sexy pout that just sends men wanting to kiss it, and women envious. This and the constant barrage of photos of volumized lips in Hollywood resulted to the increase of lip augmentation procedures done.

Some have it done for the purpose of having more sensual looking lips, while others want to simply broaden theirs. For older individuals whose lips tend to thin due to aging, a lip augmentation procedure will give them a more youthful appearance.


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