Ladies, it’s time to pucker up. Fuller lips have blown up in the beauty industry the past few years, from those duck-lip selfies to the #KylieJennerChallenge, which all promote plump lips. What’s the whole hype really about though? It can seem ridiculous, especially looking at fail attempts to achieve Jenner-sized puckers, but celebrities like Angelina Jolie have made full lips almost a necessity in achieving a more attractive face.

Let’s delve into the psychology behind wanting luscious lips, and easy ways to achieve it.


Why are lips such an important feature of our face?

If we didn’t have lips, it would look pretty silly. We use our lips for many everyday activities – eating, talking and kissing, just to name a few. Imagine not having lips and trying to grasp a straw with your mouth!

Many research studies have shown that fuller, plumper lips are associated with youth. It’s collagen in our skin which holds up the shape of our lips. As we age, the collagen production in our skin decreases, which leads to thinner lips, drooping and fine lines around our mouth. By defying these effects of growing older and keeping our lips supple, we can knock a few years off our look.

A study in the journal, Vision Research, also explains that fuller lips are a sign of good mating potential. With the correct ratios of other features, such as eyes and face shape, full lips can be the final touch needed to appear a prime partner to those looking for a significant other.

are-you-red-dy-for-luscious-lipsSome interesting lip facts

It’s not just a matter of fuller lips, however, but also the appearance of them beyond the size.

The skin on your lips are much thinner than anywhere else on your body. There are also no sweat glands on your lips, hence why they can dry out so easily. The thinner layers of skin are what helps contribute to the reddish hues you see – it’s the blood vessels beneath that show through these layers. Generally, the redder your lips look, the more attractive they will seem to others, specifically males.

Researchers in France studied the effect of female waitresses who wore red lipstick during their shifts. Results showed that red lips, compared to other lip colours, increased the waitresses chances of receiving bigger tips – but only from male patrons. 

Of course, thinner-lipped women may not want to go around wearing red lipstick all the time. Not only can it dry out their lips more, but is also a hassle to maintain, and may not necessarily be appropriate for all occasions.

How can we achieve bigger lips?

You can try the Kylie Jenner lip challenge, but many experts (and horrific attempt stories) explain that it can be dangerous, as sucking hard in a vacuum can damage the blood vessels beneath the skin. Why not try the other methods that Kylie uses, such as lip fillers?

It’s a non-cosmetic procedure, and can be done in clinic for only an hour or less, depending on your personalised lip requirements. Our doctors can help you formalise a pathway to a bigger yet realistic lip size.

You’ll either receive a topical or local anaesthetic, which numbs your lips before a pre-loaded syringe of filler is injected. It’s a thorough process, filled with advice on after-clinic care, which includes products needed in the recovery stage, as your lips may feel swollen and painful afterwards. However, once fully recovered, you’ll be left with luscious kissers that enhance your facial features – a perfect base to apply red lipstick of your choice for maximum sex appeal!

are-you-red-dy-for-luscious-lipsAre you red-dy for luscious lips?

Don’t let that be your only reason to achieve fuller lips, however. By knowing that your attractiveness levels have increased dramatically, your confidence can also sky-rocket, doing wonders for your psychological health.

Want to know more about lip augmentation? Contact our experienced team here at 0800-ESTEEM. 


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