Women always analyse one another: assessing and comparing clothing, body shape, image, and behaviour.

The decision to have breast augmentation, however, is extremely personal. One of the main advantages of natural-looking breast enhancement is that few other people will necessarily know that you have had an augmentation (unless you wish to tell them).

With your scars beautifully concealed and virtually undetectable to the naked eye, your breast enlargement will complement and enhance your figure.

The characteristics of a typical “natural looking” breast enlargement are:
• The breast has a gentle slope to it and projects forward towards the nipple.
• Most of the volume is in the lower half of the breast.
• The nipple sits on the most projecting part of the breast.
• The breast sits approximately at the mid-level of the arm.
• The nipple is located above the breast fold (if the nipple sits below the breast fold it is, by definition, a drooping breast).

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