The good thing about liposuction is that it is able to treat hard to reach places creating detailed results. This is the reason why neck liposuction came to be, and it promises to give you a trimmed and tightened neck. And the reason why this works is because it creates better definition in this common problem area.

When it comes to aesthetic problems involving the neck area, people come in complaining about their second chin, flabby and saggy neck area. This results to them looking fat and aged. And so with this, neck liposuction becomes highly relevant.

During the consultation the surgeon would evaluate on how best to approach your specific anatomy. He will draw lines to delineate the areas where liposuction would have to be done and where the anesthetic solution would have to be introduced.

Due to the very small amount of space, it requires careful precision to ensure safe and successful results. But technology has advanced which allows the surgeon to target those very small areas. Tumescent liposuction is usually done for the neck area since it makes the procedure much safer and easier.

After the areas have been numbed, the surgeon creates a very small incision just about a few millimetres beneath the chin. You don’t have to worry about this because it usually doesn’t scar, and it can easily be concealed. Afterwards, the surgeon administers the tumescent solution which is composed of an anesthetic solution, saline and epinephrine. In addition to numbing the area, it can also prevent bleeding.

Then the surgeon introduces the liposuction cannula with a very small gauge through the incisions. The surgeon moves it back and forth to help dislodge the fats making them easier to suction. There are clinics that even use laser technology to help melt the fats.

Due to the small amount of space that has to be worked on, the entire procedure is usually done and over with in thirty minutes. This will certainly give those patients who have persistent fat deposits on the neck a more defined jawline and neck.

For relatively younger women, the results can be much improved because of good skin elasticity. It may not really replace it, but it can be considered to be a good alternative to a face lift, since it is much simple and safe. Neck liposuction also provides a more natural-looking result than a face lift.

After the procedure you will go home with a dressing or an elastic bandage around the neck.  You have to wear these at all times, especially for the first few days to weeks after surgery. This will make the skin adhere better to the new form and to prevent any swelling that can only prolong the healing time.

However there will be some degree of swelling and bruising, but this usually disappears after two weeks.

The price of neck liposuction in Australia can go from $1000-$4000 and these depend on a number of factors. The factors that affect the cost include the surgeon, the extent of work that needs to be done, and the place/region/clinic where you got it done.



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