Following surgery for breast augmentation you will generally require at least one week off the activity of daily life (such as work), and other week to ease back into things.

You cannot drive following surgery for approximately 72 hours, due to the effects of anaesthesia or while you are taking post-operative pain medication. Your insurance may not cover you in the event of an accident.

If your occupation does not require any liftin, reaching, pushing, and pulling, you may be able to return to work after a week. If your occupation does require lifting, reaching, pushing or pulling, you will need to allow time to rebuild your upper body strength – which could take more than six weeks.

Every occupation has different requirements, which needs to be discussed with your surgeon at the consultation. He will make specific recommendations relative to your occupation.

The surgeon will advise if and when it is recommended to return to your work duties, and can provide advice on working with your employer to facilitate a timely return to work where possible.

It is important to have plans in place in the event that you cannot return to work as and when planned, and take into account your specific obligations regarding your occupation.

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