Next to breast augmentation, rhinoplasty surgery is the next most popular cosmetic surgical procedure. The reasons vary for each individual, either for aesthetic purposes or to cure any medical issues. Out of all the surgeries that have been done to correct the nose, a significant number of those created poor results. So to help you improve your chances of having a successful procedure here are some important questions that you should ask your doctor.

Are you board certified?

A board certification would suggest to you that this doctor is qualified and has a valid license to practice his profession. This would mean that he is under strict regulations which will ensure your safety and a successful result.  See the photo below of two of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in Australia.

Having the training on the treatment of ear, nose and throat allows the surgeon to provide a more comprehensive treatment for to the patient. This will tell you that the surgeon has a high level of expertise and knowledge especially when it comes to repairing medical anomalies of the nose.

Is rhinoplasty a major part of your practice?

If the doctor performs rhinoplasty in majority of his practice this would tell you that he is experienced and skilled to perform it perfectly. Some doctors may have the license to do it but are not really focusing their practice on surgical work. Therefore you cannot be sure if they have the expertise to do it perfectly. Always make sure that you aim for the best results and don’t settle for low-quality work when you can get something better.

How long have you been doing nose surgery?

The length of experience that the surgeon has also speaks of the kind of work that he can deliver. But you also have to take into account the quality of work that he is also able to deliver. The more years that he has in doing this particular surgery, one can think that the surgeon also developed certain skills and techniques to come up with impressive results.

What is your success rate over the years?

The surgeon’s success rate will also tell you how your own surgery could go. Although it is good to ask your doctor this, sometimes the best people to ask this are the surgeon’s previous patients or maybe you can enter forums and ask around about this particular surgeon.

Can I see before and after photos of your previous patients?

Aside from personal accounts of their success, it also helps to look for photos to actually see the quality of the surgeon’s work. Are the results the kind of look you want for yourself?

How often do you perform reconstruction on your work?

This will give you a heads up on how often the surgeon gets complaints and requests for reconstructive surgery on a previous nose job that they did themselves. In addition to this, you can also ask him about the common reasons that led these patients to have nose job repair.

How much do you charge for rhinoplasty?

Aside from obtaining a certain quote, asking this question will also help you determine if a surgeon is credible. A surgeon who charges too low for his services compared to others can be a cause for concern. Rhinoplasty cost in Australia would cost you around $8000 for a primary procedure and $10000 for a secondary rhinoplasty or nose job repair.


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