Breast Augmentation Breast Implants Risks and Complications

Breast Augmentation surgery is purely an elective surgery. It simply means that this is not a life-saving surgery. The decision to undergo these type of procedures is purely based on the individual’s choice.

Surgery always comes with risks even in the hands of the best and most experienced surgeons. This makes it extremely important to comprehend the risks and its financial implications prior to saying, “Yes, I am ready to proceed”.  

Please see below some of the risks associated with the procedure:


It is a collection of blood in the pocket around the implant which may require another surgery to drain it.


An infection may stem from the wound itself or within the pocket around the implant. This can be managed through proper wound care and antibiotics.  In contrast, when infection occurs around an implant two returns to the operating theatre will be necessary. The first is done to remove the implant while a second one is done to insert a new one, but it will be months after the infection has been resolved.

Capsular Contracture

A capsular contracture is one of the common causes of breast hardening after augmentation surgery which can be corrected through surgical revision. Cases of capsular contractures  vary based on the type of implants used and their placement.

Capsular contractures are graded based on their severity. Should this occur, you must decide whether to remove the implants only or have them replaced. However, it is also worth noting that there is a possibility of recurrence.


Scarring is inevitable whenever surgical incisions are made on the skin.  While there are efforts to place incisions in areas where scarring may be minimal or inconspicuous, the process healing and scarring varies for each person. Healing may even vary for different areas of the body.  How well a person heals cannot be exactly predicted or controlled. Some are more prone to developing pigmented, wide or thickened scars (hypertrophic or keloid). If you can’t deal with the possibility of a scar it might be best to look at other options instead.

Asymmetry of the Breasts or Nipples

It is understood that both sides of our face and body may have some degree of asymmetry, and this is often evident in areas like the chest, breasts and nipples.  Although we may wish our two sides to be identical, it is understood that it is not possible to make them so. No two breasts are mirror images of each other and in some women they can be very different.  Breast implant surgery may correct those differences, but it can also magnify the problem especially when it is done poorly.

Rupture of Implant

Implants may rupture at any time after surgery even without apparent cause.  A ruptured silicone gel implant may result in gel migration, inflammation and the formation of silicone granulomas.  A ruptured saline implant will simply deflate and the saline solution is absorbed or expelled without any harmful effect on the body.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, such as those seen on the skin of the abdomen after pregnancy or a major weight loss, may also occur on the breasts. The more a person’s skin has to stretch to accommodate the implant, the higher the risk of developing stretch marks. They form gradually and if you are prone to getting them, it could still take shape even with conservative breast augmentation.

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