Risks and Complications associated with Breast Implant surgery Part 2- Esteem Cosmetic Studio

Breast Augmentation surgery is purely an elective surgery. What does this mean? It simply means that this is not a life-saving surgery. The decision to undergo this surgery is purely based on the individual choice. Surgery always comes with risks even in the hands of the best and most experienced surgeons. It is extremely important to comprehend the risks and its financial implications prior to saying “Yes, I am ready to proceed”.

Please see below some of the risks associated with the procedure:


In cutting the skin small nerve endings are also cut that can result in numbness around or adjacent to the surgical area. Sensation usually returns in a matter of months or years as the small nerve endings regrow.  It may be unequal between the two sides. Most numbness goes away in time. Rarely does an area stay permanently numb. So whilst the possibility is low, the possibility is there.

Sagging of the Breasts

Many patients seem to think that they can go braless after breast implant surgery. This is not the case. In fact now with heavier weight on the chest, all the more you need support from a bra, While women with breast implants may sag no more than those women of the same breast size without implants, implants do have some weight and can over time cause some sagging of the breasts additional to that resulting from pregnancy, ageing and weight gain. Weight fluctuations post surgery can affect the results.

Symmastia (‘Uni-Breast”)

This refers to the loss of the normal midline separation of the two breasts.  In its most advanced form the pockets on each side merge to form a single pocket.  Further surgery is required to correct it. This can happen when you choose an implant larger than recommended.

Double Fold’ or ‘Double Bubble’

This refers to the persistence of the former crease under the breast along with the newly created crease thereby causing a double bubble appearance.  It may improve over time. Otherwise it will require further surgery to correct it.

Interference with Mammograms

The presence of breast implants of any type can interfere with mammography and the early detection of breast cancer.  Mammograms may also be more uncomfortable with implants since they require squeezing the breast with pressure. This pressure of mammography could rupture a silicone gel implant or cause deflation of a saline implant.

Muscle Weakness

Whenever the implants are placed under the muscle some weakness of the muscle usually results because of the partial detachment of the muscle from the ribs that is necessary to accommodate the implant. So be warned that you will not have the same muscle strength as you did before surgery.

One must accept and recognise that the practice of medicine and surgery is not an exact science and you paying for the performance of the surgery not a guaranteed result. This is extremely important to understand.

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, call the team at Esteem Cosmetic Studio on 1300 378 336 and schedule an appointment with an experienced aesthetic breast surgeon. Surgery is not about the fluff and puff, we are committed in ensuring that you are fully informed of the procedure which includes its risks.

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