Esteem Cosmetic Studio Breast Self Examination

Having had a breast augmentation procedure does not hinder self-examination. It is important that regardless of age, you are breast aware. You should thoroughly assess your breasts at regular intervals, not only to examine for breast lumps that may require further investigation but also to get to know what feels “normal” now that you have implants.

Breast awareness can be as simple as the act of moisturizing daily: the entire area of the breast up to the collarbone and down to below the lower bra line and up into the armpits. At the very least, every woman should self-examine monthly.

If you feel something that is not normal, you should contact your surgeon and GP and they may refer you for a mammogram, ultrasound scan and/or MRI to rule out anything sinister.

Often lumps and bumps are nothing, or they are benign. But you should always seek a professional opinion if there is something that is not your “new” normal.

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