Most of us are familiar with the concept of breast enlargement, and why women choose to undergo the procedure. A more confident outlook, a sexy demeanour and a greater feeling of femininity are all reasons cited by women who undergo a boob job, but few people ever think of the other side of the coin. Though bigger breasts are a much sought-after prize among Australia’s women, large boobs can sometimes be a curse upon those who never wished for them. Let’s take a look at why that might be, and whether you should consider a breast reduction at Esteem Cosmetic Studio.

Is bigger always better?

Massive, overly huge breasts can bring with them a range of problems. Due to their sheer size, the back, neck and shoulders may be in a constant state of aching due to the strain of supporting them all day, leading to poor posture, and skin irritation can often occur beneath the breast crease. It can be impossible to participate in sports or go for a run, as even the sturdiest of sports bras struggle to supports your ladies. Additionally, you may get unsolicited attention from strangers because of your ample chest, whether you like it or not.

A breast reduction can reduce back pain and allow you to do the things you love in life.A breast reduction can reduce back pain and allow you to do the things you love in life.


Maybe you feel as though your boobs are out of proportion with the rest of your body and, on a more basic level, may struggle to find clothes (and a bra!) that correctly fits. Indeed, according to Dr Deirdre McGhee of the Health Faculty at the University of Wollongong, a whopping 85 per cent of Australian women wear the wrong bra size – so should you opt for a breast reduction? Let’s take a look at your options.

What does getting a breast reduction involve?

Now that we have discussed the problems that can occur with unusually large breasts, we can examine what bigger-boobed women around the world can do about it. Though it’s true that physical therapy and pain relief are viable options for women struggling with the daily rigours of oversized breasts, the only thing that’s certain to ease symptoms is to consider a breast reduction with Esteem Cosmetic Studio.

If you choose to take the plunge, you won’t be alone. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery found that, in the years between 1997 and 2004, the number of breast reductions performed in the United States grew by more than 200 per cent – and that figure continues to grow.

The surgery itself takes a little over three hours, and general anaesthetic is administered so that no pain or discomfort is felt.

The technique itself is actually very simple and routine. A pre-determined amount of tissue and fat cells are taken from each breast and, once this has been done, the excess skin that remains is then cut away. Before the surgery became as sophisticated as it is now, it was necessary for the nipple to be repositioned but, thanks to the advances of medical science, it’s a rare occurrence in this day and age.

What can I expect immediately after my breast reduction is complete?

The surgery itself takes a little over three hours, and general anaesthetic is administered so that no pain or discomfort is felt. Additionally, recovery time is particularly fast.

“Since all we are doing is taking out skin and superficial tissue, and not moving any muscles or organs, there is little danger and very little postoperative pain,”said Dr Michael Zenn, associate professor of plastic surgery at Duke University Medical Center, to WebMD.

Once the surgery has been completed, you may experience a slight discomfort, but this will only last for a day or two. Though it is advisable to take a week off work when you have the surgery to allow for preparation and recovery time, returning to your job after this period will not be a problem. Additionally, after a fortnight, you’ll be able to do pretty much any activity you like, whether it’s running or trampolining.

“Women are always surprised at how little pain is associated with this surgery. They always expect much more than what it causes,” Dr Zenn concluded.

For further advise, come and book a consult at Esteem Cosmetic Studio today. Breast reduction isn’t only about aesthetics but it largely affects your health too.


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