Age and stress displays itself more clearly on your skin, most especially on your face.

This is why the beauty industry has gone far and wide in order to create that miracle product which can erase years and stress off your skin.

Lines of creams, lotions, oils, cleansers and even an array of surgical interventions such as thread lift procedure are widely available. But innovations in the world of beauty made it possible to create what is now known as platelet rich plasma. This is the miracle treatment for those who wants to clear up the signs of aging on their skin the natural way.

What is plasma rich platelet?

Plasma rich platelet (PRP), also known as autologous platelet-rich plasma, is a skin rejuvenation treatment that uses your own blood cells to regenerate your skin making it look younger and refreshed.

How is it done?

Being named an autologous treatment, this means that it actually comes from your own body. Your surgeon extracts from you 10-20 ml of blood. To separate the plasma and platelets from blood cells, the blood is placed in the centrifuge for 5-8 minutes. After these components are separated the platelets are then injected into your skin, specifically deep down to the dermis. The entire procedures take 45 minutes to an hour.

What benefits does platelet rich plasma provide?

Since it comes from your own body, the risk for allergic reaction is eliminated, compared to using animal or synthetic based treatments. With this process you also avoid the risk of getting transmissible infections from donors (e.g. hepatitis or HIV).

But one of the major benefit that platelet rich plasma provide is increased collagen formation leading to cell regeneration. This results to your tissues to look more rejuvenated.

Who are the best candidates for PRP?

Individuals who benefits from this procedure are those who have aged skin. For some people this can start in their 20’s, but it is more pronounced for those who are older. Since it is a hundred percent natural because there are no chemicals involved in the process, PRP is safe to use for pregnant women.

Whether you have black, white or brown skin, this procedure is not contraindicated. It is safe and effective for all skin types.

However for those who have advanced skin wrinkling, deeper and severe scarring, those who smoke or drink excessively, the treatment will not as effective.

What areas can be treated?

• Wrinkles around the eyes

• Sun damage

• Cheeks

• Jowl lines

• Fine lines

• Thinning and wrinkling at the back of the hands

• Arms, elbows and knees

How soon can you see results?

You cannot immediately see results immediately after treatment. The changes are gradual because the surrounding tissues have to undergo a process of regeneration after the treatment is injected. You will soon start appreciating results in 3 weeks’ time. This will improve over the following months.

If you want to have another treatment, you should discuss this more thoroughly with your surgeon. There are no contraindications for subsequent platelet rich plasma treatment. However the condition of your skin will largely determine this. Usually it would take 2-3 sessions that are 6 weeks apart. These results will last up to 18 months.

Platelet rich plasma is definitely a good and safe option if you want to eliminate those nasty signs of aging. It is not that invasive and will not leave any prominent scarring.


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