Your bra does not need to be your enemy. Sure, they contain lots of wires and straps that don’t always feel so great and can leave weird marks. But at the end of the day, they wrap us with nothing but love and support!

However, we’ve got a couple of tips and tricks to show you that will turn your bra into your best friend – really! Read on for our best bra hacks.

1. Keep the shape, skip the dryer 

If you want your bras to keep their shape for longer then it’s imperative that you skip the drying cycle – the heat from the dryer causes the elastic to loose it’s effectiveness. Once your bra is washed, just lay them out flat to dry (hanging stretches them out too). For sports bras, it’s recommended that you hand wash them, so once you’re done with a workout just jump right in the shower!

2. Sew an old bra into your backless dresses 

Nothing is more classic than a stunning backless dress, but nothing is more annoying than trying to keep yourself pulled together without the support of a full bra. Those sticky bras don’t always get the job done and nipple pasties don’t give you any hold-up at all. So what’s the solution? Simply sew an old bra into the insides of your backless dress! Just make sure your stitches don’t go through to the other side of the dress and you’re good to go.

3. Use a paper clip to turn your bra into a racer back

If you’ve noticed you’re bra straps keep poking out and you don’t have access to you bra clips back at home, just grab a paper clip. Just slip it through your straps around the centre of your back and you won’t have to worry about them showing under tank tops any more. 

4. The two finger test 

Want to make sure your bra is always the right fit? Reach behind you, if your bra is the right fit, you should be able to fit two fingers under the back strap, otherwise it’s too tight. Anything more than two fingers is too loose. If you’re on the tightest rung of hooks and it’s still too loose, then you might need to go bra shopping!

Another great way to look good in your bra is to get a nice pair of breasts! Have you ever considered breast augmentations before? It might be the solution for you – just give us a call and set up an appointment so we can chat about your options!


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