Memory Gel implants are manufactured by Mentor and it features a gummy bear or solid jelly consistency. This creates a more realistic texture and projection that silicone and saline usually lack. And one more important benefit about this type of implants is that it removes the danger of ruptures and leakage.

Saline implants are usually the safest because the material used actually have the same osmolality as the human body. They can also be adjusted accordingly because the surgeon can control how many solutions should be placed. Unfortunately, reports show that they are at risk for leaks and ruptures and that they tend to make slushing sounds upon movement.

This is one thing that cannot be done with Memory Gel breast implants, but the good thing about them is that they come in different shapes, sizes and projections to fit a particular person’s physique. They are also not at risk to rippling that saline implants are known to project.

Liquid silicone implants may also have good results, but these are limited because they still have the tendency to become less resilient. But they possess a better texture when compared to saline implants. However, one major drawback that this type of implant has is that when they rupture, the material may cause harm to the body. Adding to this it also takes time before it can even be detected that the implants are already leaking.

With the cohesive gel that is used with Memory Gel implants, you don’t have to be worried about leaks and ruptures because the material is compact. This is an answer to one of the major issues that lead to the public scrutiny of implants in the nineties. However the drawback to these cohesive gel implants is that because of that very consistency, a bigger incision would have to be made, resulting in a higher risk for scarring.

They can be placed using the inframmary, transaxillary or periareolar approach. Transumbilical placement is not an option since this is only advisable for saline implants.

Memory Gel breast implants are also recommended for those who have reached 22 years of age, unlike the 18-year old age limit with saline.

The satisfaction with Memory Gel breast implants varies depending on the personal taste of the patient. Some prefer the consistency and feel of the implants and how it simply creates a natural curve because due to its characteristic firmness. However, there are also others who think that it is just too hard. But more women prefer this because it is closely similar to real breast tissue.

But if you want to know which one would serve your figure best, it is advisable that you discuss this thoroughly with your surgeon. That way you can come up with a good plan of action that will suit your preference without undermining aesthetics and your safety as well.

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