Dermal fillers have been around for a while now, and they continue to stay true to their purpose of providing a smoother and youthful skin.

But to be a wise consumer you need to consider the pros and cons of a certain product before submitting to it. Mind you, if you are not informed enough, you could put yourself on very disappointing and even dangerous results. So here, I present to you the pros and cons of dermal fillers.


The very first thing that can be positively said about dermal fillers is that it provides a non-invasive option for smoothening out your wrinkles. What it requires is a very fine injection to deliver the filler into your skin. No cuts, no blood, and yes no scars. The pain is more manageable too.

It can be injected in various problem areas of the face such as frown lines, marionette lines, acne scars, and surgical scars. This gives your skin that youthful appearance without being too drastic and artificial though the hands of an experienced surgeon.

Because dermal fillers have been around for quite a while now, there are a number of dermal filler options available for you. This way, the doctor can arrange for you to have particular filler which suits you best. It can be made out of polysaccharide substances, taken from bovine sources, organic sources and synthetic substances. Each has already passed FDA approval and is therefore safe for use.

Another benefit that dermal fillers have over surgical methods is that it provides faster results. In a matter of days you will be able to observe improvement. This can even be hastened by injecting the hyaluronidase, which enables the dermal filler to be dissolved more quickly.


However the concern about dermal fillers is that they are not permanent solutions. Eventually your skin will submit to aging and wrinkles starts to form wrinkles again, usually around 6 months to a year and sometimes even a little more. That is why you need to get injected again if you want to retain those youthful results.

Another concern about dermal fillers is that they can cause allergic reactions. Well a certain person could be to some at least. That is why for this problem, it is important that you take discuss this thoroughly with your doctor upon consultation.

The allergic reactions we are talking about here is not only limited to itching or redness, it can escalate to something serious as shortness of breath which can even lead to death. This is not to scare you, but to give you a heads up on possible events if you are not careful enough during preparation.

The side effects of dermal fillers can also be troublesome. This includes pain on the injection site, redness, bruising, nausea and temporary swelling. However this can be relieved in a few days and even less through the help of medications and other aftercare measures.

I hope this will help you when deciding whether this is a better option for you or not. Remember, you should never undermine your safety with procedures that you are not comfortable with, so arm yourself with all the pertinent knowledge to make an informed decision.


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