What is my downtime post Breast Implant Surgery – Part 1-Esteem Cosmetic Studio

As straightforward as breast implant surgery is, post-surgery care and rest is of paramount importance to achieve a good result. Why would you want to compromise care and end up with post-surgery complications that will result in either revision surgery, more down time and of course financial implications such as loss of income. Here are some of the frequently asked questions by our patients.

When can I exercise? I feel fat not moving.

Light exercise (e.g. walking at a gentle pace) within your limits of comfort can be resumed after 2 weeks.  However, whatever you do, if it causes you discomfort, stop and try it again in another 2 weeks. You may only progress to more vigorous exercise after 6-8 weeks. Listen to your body and do not fight the pain. If you are hurting, stop what you are doing and relax.

During the first 6-8 weeks you must avoid potentially harmful activities such as heavy lifting and strenuous exercise such as jogging and gym workouts which would increase your pulse rate and raise your blood pressure.  However, walking at a gentle pace is permissible after the first two weeks.

How long do I have to wear my post surgery compression bra?

Check with your surgeon. Our general advise for our patients is that must wear your their compression bra day and night and yes even during sleep, for the first 8 weeks after their surgery. Once assessed at the 6 to 8 week mark, your surgeon will advise if you can move on to underwire bras, soft cup bras etc. The compression bra acts as an implant stabiliser to ensure implant is in pocket, there is sufficient compression to help reduce internal and external swelling and to ensure that implants are not displaced.

If the incisions have been placed under your breasts, you may be advised to refrain from wearing an underwire bra (one with wire supports under the cups) – the wire support may exert pressure on the incision sites and cause the scars to become permanently indented.  What bra to wear and for how long, the advice must come from the surgeon that operated on you. All our patients are advice to wear the Anna style post-surgery compression bra. This bra can be purchased from exquisite bodies.com.eu. Ignore the cup size component, it is based on your under bust measurements and solely based on that order a small, medium, large or extra-large. The size of the post-surgery bra has nothing to do with the cup size especially in the early post-surgery stage.

How long do I need to sleep on my back for?

Again check with the surgeon that operated on you. Our advice to our patients is to sleep on you back for a minimum of six week post op until advised otherwise. Sleeping on your back ensure that implants are not displaced. And for the first six months sleeping on your stomach is NO NO. Best to avoid direct pressure on the breasts.

When can I drive?

Again, this instruction should be from your surgeon. General advise is that you may be able to drive after a week. If you are not up to it and still feel sore, do not drive. Common sense will come in to play here. If you are taking meds that are making you feel drowsy, sleepy – PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE.

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