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If you’re due to have breast augmentation surgery, your attention might have turned to what to expect from the days and weeks after the procedure. Your consultant should discuss this with you before your boob job and give you recommendations once it’s been carried out.

The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons lists breast augmentation as one of the most common procedures in the country, so you’re not alone. However, it’s important to be aware of what will affect your individual recovery as no two people are ever the same.

Hours immediately after surgery

Once you’ve come around from the anaesthetic given to you during surgery, it’s likely you will feel groggy for at least a few hours. The painkillers will start to wear off, but don’t worry, your doctor will prescribe you a medication to help keep the discomfort at bay once you go home.

Depending on the level of pain, you might be told to take ibuprofen, otherwise your doctor may administer something stronger. It all depends on your unique situation and any other medication you’re taking at the time.

The following week

You’re likely to need at least a week off work to recover from your breast augmentation surgery. This will be a period of adjustment for you, so it’s well worth factoring in long enough to help you get used to your new breasts and allow them to completely heal.

It’s possible you will be invited back to the clinic to have any dressings removed after a few days. Depending on your needs, a surgical bra might also be given to help your recovery.

Two weeks after

Some people will find their stitches dissolve after just over a week, but others will need them to be removed. It’s also possible you will still be experiencing some soreness – something that is perfectly normal within a fortnight of your operation.

You should avoid any unnecessary contact with your breasts during this time, as they’re still going to be tender. The same can be said for demanding physical activity, which can cause unnecessary strain as your breasts are beginning to heal.

A month later

One month after your cosmetic surgery, you should start to see a noticeable difference in your breasts. Any soreness would hopefully have subsided and the scars started to heal – although it will be a while yet before they’re barely noticeable.

Several months down the line

You may notice that your scars have become pink and much firmer. This is perfectly normal. You should also find that the shape of your new breasts has now started to settle, so you can see the final results for yourself.

If you are over the age of 40, make sure that you are still attending regular mammograms. It can be tempting to think they’re not necessary now you’ve had augmentation surgery, but this simply isn’t the case. BreastScreen Australia recommends being checked every two years, especially for women aged between 50 and 74 years.

Taking your surgeon’s advice

The best person to advise you on post-surgery recovery is the person who carried out the procedure. It’s important to listen to their recommendations and take them on board – they’re likely to have carried out countless boob jobs and know what is best.

Esteem Studio ensures  a safe surgical process while we deliver the results that you want. Get a consult with us today and see how we can make the major leg up in this journey towards better breasts that best suits your form.


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