Choosing to get breast augmentation surgery is a big decision. That’s why it’s important to think carefully when choosing your surgeon. 

Picking the right person to do your breast augmentation can make all the difference before the big day comes as well. It’s recommended to do meticulous research and go to a number of consultations with different surgeons before making a choice. 

Here are some tips how you can pick a good surgeon for your surgery.

What you need to look for

As you go to different consultations, it’s important to note whether the prospective surgeon ticks all of the important boxes:

  • Does the surgeon explain the key factors that are out of his control (infection, tissue stretch, etc.)?
  • Does the surgeon seem organised?
  • Does the surgeon take measurements of your breasts?
  • Does the surgeon use a precise chart to note your measurements and the details of your consultation?
  • Does the surgeon explain what happens during the surgery?
  • Does the surgeon talk about how your natural breast tissue affects the width and size of your implant?
  • Does the surgeon point out possible limitations and measures the stretch of your skin?
  • Does the surgeon thank you for your time? 

Some surgeons automatically eliminate themselves if they fail to make you feel comfortable.  At the same though, it’s important to note if what the surgeon says seems too good to be true – because it usually is.

Ultimately, you need to decide who you trust the most. Ultimately, you need to decide who you trust the most.

Choosing between two surgeons

The next step in the process is to evaluate the way you felt with the surgeon.

Consider who made you the most comfortable and presented the best explanations for different options. Was there one surgeon who listened better than the others and pointed out the difference between what your realistic outcome? 

Ultimately you need to decide which surgeon you trust the most with your breasts. If you have any doubt regarding their credibility or are in any way uncomfortable,  consider waiting until you find the right surgeon. 

At Esteem Cosmetic Studio, our qualified surgeons are dedicated to personal care as well as surgical excellence; so you know you’re in good hands. For more information, feel free to reach out to our team at any time.


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