Hello summer.

So glad you could finally join us! Here in Brisbane, we’ve been waiting for the temperatures to rise so we can finally shed some layers and show off the progress of our winter workout routines. Is your body really ready, though? You might be at the peak of physical perfection – defined abs, toned arms and a tight bum – but we’ve got one question for you: How are your boobs?

Now that it’s sundress and bikini season, we’ve got four pretty good reasons as to why we know you need your body looking it’s best. Let’s check them out!

1. Summer festivals and outdoor concerts 

Don’t deny it, you’ve been planning your sundress and other summer outing outfits for months now! Nothing wrong with that, but this means you need the body to bring the look together. There’s going to be plenty to do in Brisbane this year, so get ready.

2. Trips to the beach 

It’s bikini season everyone and you know what that means: It’s make or break time. The time to show off the goods that you perfected over the winter. Make sure you spend plenty of time picking out your best bikini and get ready for some fun in the sun.

Summer kisses are a little sweeter when you're confident in your own skin. Summer kisses are a little sweeter when you’re confident in your own skin.

3. Nights out at the bar

Patios and roof decks are opening up, and you can finally take your jackets off. Date nights will go just a little better when you feel confident with your body. If you’re single and on the prowl, it doesn’t hurt to have your body looking its best – people notice!

4. Water activities 

Looking forward to weekend adventures like hiking the nearby waterfalls and surfing the waves? These activities are always well-documented to be shared on social media, so you can increase your clout with a rocking bod.

Your breasts are one area of your body that you can’t really change by putting time in at the gym. You can build up your pectorals and make them a bit perkier, but at the end of the day, even that doesn’t do all that much. So we ask, are your breasts ready for a summer in Brisbane? If you think no, contact our friendly clinicians and see what you could do to perfect your look before the summer really gets into the swing of things! 


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