As a patient, you will need to first and foremost acknowledge that the likely reason you are seeking breast lift surgery in the first place is because you have weak and poor quality breast tissue which has sagged.  On that basis,  one must acknowledge that after surgery, the same breast tissue and skin will still exist,  regardless of surgery performed, the breast will still want to sag. Why? Breast lift surgery does not replace your weak breast tissue, nor does it give you better skin laxity. On the day of surgery, all the surgeon can do is to sculpt the breast tissue, improve the shape and the overall appearance, no surgeon can make soft breast tissue firm and reverse poor skin laxity.

High and perky breast is simply NOT possible for patients that have weak quality breast tissue and poor skin laxity.

When undergoing breast lift surgery with or without implants, it is important to have an understanding of the limitations of surgery.  As with any cosmetic surgical procedure, you must have realistic expectations. 

Some of the limitations of surgery include the following factors/variables.

Soft breast tissue will always want to sag. Not only that, soft breast tissue will always be soft breast tissue and there is no reversing this. Breast lift surgery redistributes and repositions the tissue, even with a breast implant inserted, the surrounding tissue will always be soft which means that the chances of re-sagging is high. So yes, your breasts will be in a much better shape post-surgery however going braless for long periods of time is not an option, best advice is to always wear a good supportive bra at all times. The bra will help delay the re-sagging! Keyword to digest is the word Delay as re-sagging is inevitable.

The more breast tissue you have, the more difficult it is to lift the breasts. Trying to lift a large volume of breasts and trying to keep it up at the same time is sadly often not possible. Gravity will do what it does. 

The lower your nipples are sitting, the greater difficulty in lifting it up. 

Weight fluctuations, weight changes, hormonal changes will affect the result of breast lift surgery. 

And one variable that no surgeon can work with is TIME.  How much natural breast tissue changes after surgery based on your genetics, personal circumstances are beyond the control of the surgeon. 

Breast lift surgery by itself or when combined with the insertion of implants is an extremely complex procedure. Patients needing revision or touch up surgery are not uncommon. Revision surgery could be as little as scar revision or another breast lift procedure!

If there is anything you can take away from reading this short blog entry is that one must have realistic expectations when undergoing breast lift surgery. If you are wanting breasts to sit high and perky for a good period of time post-surgery, this may not be the procedure for you, chances are you may be disappointed. 

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