It is very much apparent how breast implants can improve a woman’s physique. The added chest size gives her a figure that added oomph by creating a curvier bust line. But there is also one aspect that is said to be gaining the benefit of this particular enhancement, and that is a woman’s sex life.

In a survey done by, it came up with the conclusion that women who had breast augmentation or breast lift surgery done were more satisfied with sex.

This may be due to the added confidence as they become more comfortable with their new form, or it could be that they are it increases their sexual desirability towards men.

The poll was done on 55 women who had breast surgery, and 61% of these reported to have more sex after they had their implants. The average post-surgery sex life satisfaction score showed an increase of up to two points, from a 6.07 pre-surgery to an 8.13 post-surgically on a 10-point scale.

Although there were no extensive scientific calculations done to prove this point, it goes to show that the improved self-esteem that they acquire after surgery also enhances their sexuality. Aside from being able to sport the bikini tops more confidently, it also makes them feel a lot sexier.

According to the same poll, 7.5 out of 10 women claim that having breast surgery was definitely worth it, despite the staggering costs for quality ones. Breast augmentation cost in Australia would run around $9,000-$11,000.

For some women, this is just a small price to pay considering the positive effects that it will give her physically, emotionally, and in this case, sexually.

8 out of 10 of the same group of women rated this procedure as something they would love to do over again.

In a 2007 study done in the University of Florida on the same subject reported women to increase their rating for sexual desire up to 78.6%, sexual arousal to 81% and satisfaction to 57%.

This information also shed some light on an interesting fact that women enjoy sex better when they feel beautiful, confident and desired. Women need more psychological stimuli to help them feel relaxed with their partner and the awareness that they look good significantly helps.

Some women even go beyond this and claim that breast augmentation can even improve their careers because of the new brand of confidence they develop.

But even with this promise, it is still very important that women deliberate properly before getting implants. There are a lot of questionable clinics and surgeons who offer to provide you with an improvement but ends up giving you botched results or worse – health risks!

Women should also have realistic expectations with the procedure, as well as logical reasons why they have it done. If their goal is to improve their sex life but not really sure about what they feel about implants, this still doesn’t guarantee confidence and ease in their new figure.

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