Areas that can be treated by liposuction include the chest, abdomen, thighs, arms, legs and buttocks. There are also different liposuction techniques, and these depend on what the doctor is trained or focused on performing. These techniques include ultrasound-assisted liposuction, Laser-assisted liposuction and tumescent liposuction. Proper evaluation and planning will help you and your doctor determine the appropriate approach for you.

A lot of individuals are having problems with excess and stubborn fats that are relentless to rigorous exercise and diet. That is why procedures like liposuction become very effective in correcting this problem. The doctor creates a small incision in strategic locations on problem areas through which the liposuction cannula attached to a suction machine is inserted. The fats are suctioned off by the doctor by moving the tube around under the skin so that target areas are well covered.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck surgery is also known as abdominoplasty and it is done mainly to flatten the stomach, which is a common problem that a lot of people struggle with. It is considered to be among the highly invasive procedures as it involves incisions that run from one end of the pubic bone to the other. Fat tissues and excess skin would have to be removed, the belly button re-positioned, muscles tightened using sutures and the skin stretched to create a tighter form in the midsection.

A tummy tuck is often done together with liposuction as each enhances the other’s results. It is also included in a list of procedures that is included in a mommy makeover. It may take several weeks to recover and you may have to wear a compression garment to ensure that the new form and firmness is maintained.


Labiaplasty surgery is one of the new female cosmetic surgeries today that corrects the labia minora, the structure which is considered to be the “inner lips” of the vaginal structure. Some women have a large labia which can be very uncomfortable when wearing tight-fitting clothes, during sex, or even when doing everyday activities.

This is either caused by genetics, sexual intercourse or difficulties during childbirth. In a labiaplasty procedure, excess labial skin of the labia minora is trimmed. This not only makes things comfortable for the patient but it also makes them happy with how it looks. In addition to that, the urethra can also be corrected along the way to improve multidirectional urine stream. Labiaplasty also improves hygiene in the area and odor issues as well. Overall, this procedure restores the youthful appearance of the labia.

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