Breast and Body Combo



Following pregnancy or weight loss, patients seek to have a makeover.   Procedures included in a makeover are breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, abdominoplasty surgery, liposuction, thigh lift, arm lift etc.

Let’s face it, majority of women will find that their body inevitably changes post-pregnancy or weight loss. One may experience loss of tightness in the abdominal area, loose skin, an abdominal apron, saggier deflated breasts, and stubborn fat in various parts of the body.

Some of the above-mentioned procedures can be done together and some may have to be done as staged procedures.

Is it safe to have multiple procedures at once?

At your consultation with your doctor, he will determine what procedures can be done and what needs to be staged. This decision will be made based on your medical history, underlying health issues, and how long you will be under General Anaesthesia. The decision will be made with a focus on what is the safest option for you.

What is the recovery like if I have multiple procedures? How long will I be out of action?

Specific post-operative instructions will be given to you at discharge. Recovery time varies from patient to patient and it also depends on the number of procedures you have, your lifestyle, your health and your own healing ability. Surgeries such as abdominoplasty surgery combined with a breast lift reduction may take a good 3 weeks of adequate rest and recovery before you can resume doing light and easy everyday stuff.

Is it a good idea if I plan to have more kids sometime in the future?

We suggest that you get this procedure/s done when you are well and truly done having more children. As you can imagine, pregnancy negates the many benefits of aesthetic surgery. Weight fluctuations will affect the results. Should you have this procedure done and then decide to have kids, you will most likely be reversing what was achieved and you will, likely, need another makeover. We encourage you to have a frank and honest discussion with your doctor so he can advise what is the best path forward for you.

Candidates for Breast and Body makeovers may have the following concerns they want to address:

  • Your breasts are sagging and have lost volume
  • Your breasts are asymmetrical (uneven in size)
  • Your breasts are out of proportion to the rest of your body
  • Your areolas are larger and appear stretched
  • You have stretch marks on your tummy, breasts, or other areas
  • You have loose, excess skin in the abdominal area
  • You have stubborn deposits of excess fat in the midsection, thighs, hips, or other areas

What are the risks of proceeding with breast and body surgeries?

Specific risks and complications will be discussed with you at length at your consultation. Your doctor will also explain to you the limitations of your anatomy and what can be achieved. Here are some of the complications/risks:

  1. Seroma (a fluid collection that may need aspiration using a needle and syringe)
  2. Skin necrosis (death of part of the skin)
  3. Dehiscence (breakdown of the wound)
  4. Nerve injury
  5. Umbilical loss (death of the belly button)
  6. Slow healing (particularly in diabetics, poor nutrition, or patients taking steroids)
  7. Hypertrophic scar or keloid scars  (mostly found in individuals with darker skin or people predisposed to this, usually runs hereditarily, although the etiology is multifactorial)

Unsuitable candidates for surgeries:

  • You have unrealistic expectations
  • You have significant comorbidities
  • You are morbidly obese
  • You cannot seem to quit smoking/vaping and consuming nicotine
  • You have mental health issues that are not managed
  • You are planning for more children
  • You have upper abdominal transverse scar
  • You are stretched for money. Bear in mind, this is fairly huge surgery, revision, touch up surgeries are not uncommon and there is cost associated with this.

How much does it cost?

Breast and Body Packages range from $19,500 to $29,500. This range is purely a ballpark figure.

I am interested! What do I do next?

The first step in this journey is to book an in-depth consultation. The cost of the consultation is $250. The consultation fee for mummy makeovers is approximately 1.5 hours as there is a lot to go through.  Please do note that as we exclusively reserve your appointment schedule and we are blocking out a fair amount of time, this fee is payable at the time of the booking and is a non-refundable and non-transferable amount in an event you have to reschedule, cancel, or not show up. You are paying for the time we are blocking out for you, so this is a 100% non-refundable amount.

A GP referral is required for the consultation to proceed,

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