Earlobe Repair Surgery

(Stretched & Torn Earlobe Repair)


Split earlobes are very common, and are generally due to heavy earrings, accidental tugging on the earlobes or multiple piercings. The weight of the heavy earring gradually stretches the hole which finally splits open.

Alternatively, sudden accidental tugging or pulling can cause a partially stretched earlobe to tear through. This is commonly seen during hair combing or when a child pulls on their mother’s earrings.

Enlarged or elongated ear lobes may also be present congenitally, or due to wearing heavy earrings. The repair of split ear lobes or enlarged ear lobes is comfortably performed under local anaesthesia.

There is minimal post-operative discomfort, which is easily controlled with prescribed pain medication, but most patients do not feel the need for prescription pain medicine.

Patients can return to work in one day. The duration of the procedure is approximately 45 minutes to  1 hour under local anaesthesia.

How Much Does it Cost?

Bilateral ear lobe repair – $1980
Unilateral ear lobe repair – $1650
Medicare rebates do not apply.

Please keep in mind not all patients are alike and some will require a slightly different operation than others. Rest assured, you will receive a specific price quotation during your consultation visit. Our staff are always happy to discuss these matters with you in more detail.

Is There Patient Financing?

Patient financing is completely independent from the clinic. For patients wanting affordable payment plans please apply directly with Total Lifestyle Credit. This facility is subject to approval. Our advice to all patients is to be financially responsible when undertaking finance for elective surgical procedures.

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