Dermal Fillers

This type of treatment is also referred to as liquid facelifts, as it is able to create similar results only with the use of certain substances. These are collagen, calcium hydroxyl apatite, or hyaluronic acid. They are introduced into the dermal layers of the skin to reduce or eliminate wrinkles. It can also be used to enhance the lips, raise depressions on the skin due to scarring, and also replace soft tissue volume loss as a result of aging.

Dermal fillers only can last for several months and sometimes it can even be used as temporary solutions for skin aging. Each of these fillers though is designed for certain purposes, and you will decide on this with your doctor to see what is appropriate based on your goal.

Lip Augmentation

For some patients, they find thinner lips to be less attractive. They want to define their lips and even add more volume to it, which is something that a non-surgical lip augmentation procedure is able to provide. This treatment uses dermal fillers to create the desired shape and plumpness.

The commonly used products today contain substances that are similar to hyaluronic acid which is considered to be far better than collagen since these are much safe and lasts much longer. The dermal fillers used today contain better benefits such as less bruising, less likelihood of allergic reactions, bumps are dissolved easily, and there is better control over lip volume. A difference will be noticed immediately, and once the substance has settled, the lips will feel natural.

Muscle Relaxant Injections

Muscle relaxant injections is derived from a toxin which, in safe amounts, is able to relax nerves and muscles that causes wrinkles, furrows or creases on the face. It can smooth out moderate to severe frown lines. The results are temporary, usually around 6 months. But you can have it touched-up to improve the results. Future sessions require less as the lines will start to improve over time.

The most important aspect that can affect the success of this procedure is the qualifications and expertise of the one performing it. Under inexperienced hands, you could end up with botched results, which is certainly far worse than what you started with. Therefore, you should never cut corners so that you can only have the outcome you deserve, and that is a more youthful look overall.

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