Excessive Sweating – Hyperhidrosis

Excessive Sweating, medically known as hyperhidrosis I, involves overactive sweat glands.
When sweating becomes excessive, it can become embarrassing. Uncomfortable, stressful and debilitating.

The following information explains the treatment for excessive underarm sweating and how it works.


Botulinum Toxin Treatment Snapshot


Botulinum Toxin is a natural, purified protein that temporarily blocks the release of a
chemical that signals perspiration, helping to reduce excessive sweating.This is a non-surgical procedure whereby a small amount of botulinum toxin is administered into the skin of the armpits using a very fine needle. Generally, the procedure takes about 20 minutes.

Discomfort is typically minimal and brief, and although the injection may sting for a few seconds, normal activities can be resumed soon after.

After the injection, it takes about 7 to 10 days for the treatment to take full effect.

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RN Michelle O Toole

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